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For the last Sunday in June we have a promise of rain by the forecasters. Time will tell. It's a nice day and folks are coming in for Sunday School.  Our lesson is from Isaiah 51 and written in the style of a poem. 3 different stanzas with a Hearken for each one. Israel is in captivity in Babylon and Jerusalem has been burned and destroyed but God is sending a message to His children of righteousness that even if it seems impossible God will restore and make a way in our lives. Shaking hands before worship easy to see our attendance was going to be down. However some of our new folks have continued to come and that is a blessing. We have had several sick. The choir today was full and wonderful. The song selection was great. Special music was by Phil and Terry "Glorious Freedom". Various scriptures today: Isaiah 6:1,2 - Revelation 5:11,12 - I Peter 5:8 all dealing with Angels good and bad. Angels are God's created beings and they all have a purpose. Only 2 are given names in the Bible: Michael and Gabriel. The good angels are involved in several things. Worship, Work, War etc. The bad angels are a part of a war that took place in heaven when Satan tried to overcome God but was defeated and cast down with 1/3 of the angels to the earth. Here they are constantly trying to defeat the Kingdom of God. Angels are mostly invisible but Hebrews tells us to be careful to entertain stranger because in doing so we entertain angels unaware. In II Kings 6 you find an encounter involving Israel's enemy Syria and God's prophet Elisha. Syria sent troops to get Elisha. His servant got up early and seen the enemy troops outside. Elisha prayed his eyes would be opened and he seen a heavenly army surrounding Elisha. When Angels go to war they never lose. A good thing for Christians to remember and help us in days like what we are living in. Just for your info. It rained during the preaching service.

Sunday Night our attendance was average. The choir done an outstanding job! Terri Owens played O What a Savior for our special music. Scripture was I Kings 12:1 - 19 but read some verses from Proverbs dealing with seeking wise counsel before making decisions. This passage deals with Solomon's son, Rehoboam becoming King. Israel met with him asking him to not be so harsh in taxation. He asked for three days to consider. He then went to the older men who advised His father. They advised to do what Israel has asked.  He then turned to some younger men he had been raised with. They said to be ever harsher and demand even more. We need to get from this scripture a truth of pay attention to whom you pay attention to. When Israel came back in three days to here. Rehoboam went with his young advisers and spoke harshly. Israel then rebelled and said away with the throne of David. Rehoboam sent a tax collector and they stoned him to death. Rehoboam then feared for his life and ran to Jerusalem. He lost most of Solomon's inheritance because he listened to bad advise. The devil is great in deceiving the majority of people. They want to go to heaven but don't want to make a commitment and he says you have plenty of time. You really don't know except that you have today.

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