July 2019   
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The 2nd Sunday in July started out as a very nice day. Weather reports were it was going to rain from tropical depression Barry coming up from the gulf of Mexico. It was overcast and just a pleasant morning. What a riot we had in our Sunday School class over a variety of different things. By the time we got to the lesson we barely got started when it was time to go. It was good to see some folks that we missed the week before but they were back and we were excited about that. We had a new young man as a guest. John and Terri had the music handled well and Janice done a great job in selection of songs. The choir was just wonderful. Special music was by JoAnn Bradley who sang "Something Worth Living For" and done a great job. Scripture was Revelation 3:1 - 6 where the Lord had John write to the Church at Sardis. It was a stern letter. The Lord didn't call them sick or ill or dying. He called them dead. He said they had a name and I would think they done a good work at one time but not now. He said if they would not repent He would come as a thief. A time unexpected. This church needed to strengthen the things that they knew to do right. We know things that will help us. Bible reading, praying, fellowship, and serving. But just like many folks have  gym membership if they don't go and work out it doesn't help their physical health. God wants a church alive and there are things we watch for in the physical that is a sign that a person is living. Growing hair, finger and toe nails growing, growth in highth or wideth. We have to eat to grow. In the hospital they measure how much you eat because it is a sign of life. A growing Church is easy to see by the work in the individual lives as well as the church body.  Where are you at today. If not where you should be when not get things right NOW!

 Sunday Night storm Barry was just beginning to get here. a little rain off and on. I had received a call about a singing group needing a place for Sunday night so I said sure. I got the name wrong and said it would be the Harper Family when instead the man I talked to was named Harper but the group itself was called "The Allens".  Wow, oh Wow, what a blessing this group was to us. They are Bluegrass Gospel with 3 madolyns, 3 flattop guitars, 1 bass guitar, and 1 banjo. They knew how to play everyone and just done a great job singing. Four young people under age 15 sang and that was a blessing. The spokesman for the group was a preacher and he preached a couple of time between songs. This group is mostly from the Doniphan area and I would recommend them without hesitation.


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