March 5, 2023

Labor Day, September 3, 2023 a nice day. We started a new Sunday School and yearly quarter. Our class welcomed ur new Teaccher - Jerry Smity.  There was wall decorations and lots of sweets with candy, donut's, and cookies. Jerry done a great job in teaching the lesson "What is Pure Religion" Class participation was wonderful. Easy to see our attendance was down in shaking hands. Plus learning on of folks was in the ER at Poplar Bluff. Our choir was down in number but not in spirit and song. Special music was by Bro. Jerry Smith singing "Who Am I" and done a great job. Our Scripture was Acts 10:4 and Revelation 5:8 about Prayer. Everything in our world has an expiration date with the exception of one thing and that is prayer. God is a great God who promises to not only hear but answer our prayers. however He doesn't always do so on our time frame. Cornelius had been praying for some time and suddenly and angel says his prayers had come up as a memorial. Revelations 5:8 says our prayers are kept in golden vials as sweet odors. I've had 2 very sad funerals where the son of the deceased Mom is granted permission to attend the gravesite but not funeral. A man asking to be unshackled to hug his Mom and being denied is hard. He promised and said to his Mom that he would do better. And he did. But she was dead. Throughout the Bible you find that often true. Our task today is just to never give up but keep believing.

Sunday Night our attendance was down a little. Terri O. was absent so Terri Miller filled in on the piano. The choir and music was great. There was no special music. Scripture was I Cor. 15:57,58 and 10:13. These scriptures one right after another but have different topics. 57 is all about victory, winning, being productive while 58 is about encouragement, hold on, don't backslide etc. I think all of us as Christians need encouragement once in awhiile. There is not a Sunday School Teach that doesn't become discouraged from time to time about attendance, growth or other issues. Other ministries also. Youth group, music etc. So God gives us this scripture to help us. I was a good boy growing up. Lived on the farm with no outside influences. Only home and church with family and friends. But then I went to school. On the bus or at school I learned about making ugly faces. My mom scolded me one day and I made an ugly face at her. She whipped me. After crying I went in room with my sister still mad and made a ugly face at her. Mom whipped me again and said next time I wanted to make a ugly face go to chicken house. It stunk out there and chickens not know ugly face or not.  If I as a 6 yr old could learn not to make a ugly face if Mom is around. Can't we learn not to sin when God is around? And God is always around. Let's keep our act together and live pleasing to the Lord.