February 2019   
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Sunday Morning was not too bad weather wise in the heartland. A warm front had removed the ice from the trees and brush by church time. We have some great fellowship for those that get there early.  JoAnn Brown who was the Church custodian for 40 years or so celebrated her 80 birthday with a surprise Saturday in the fellowship hall. She was able to come from the Nursing Home and enjoyed seeing the folks that were above to make it. Sunday altho a nice enough day our attendance was down. But we had a good service. Janice always does a good job with the choir and our musicians are great. We showed a couple of pictures of property we helped a Church in Mexico purchase so they could expand. Sunnyvale is a mission minded Church and we like to see things that progress in our giving. Janice and Christy brought special music and it was great. Scripture was Job 28:2,3 which talks about iron and brass the comes from the ground and then precious stones that come also. Unless you know the troubles of Job it might be hard to relate but Job reconciled that his troubles and burdens were like the refining fire that brings these metals and precious stones to be worth a lot. The key is that the God of Job is still yet our God. As He helped Job He will help you and I also. Trust in Him because God has a plan for your life. At times you might not understand but often God has to allow us to hit rock bottom before He can start lifting us up.

Sunday Night the temps had warmed into the 40's and it was a welcome relief from the bitter cold of last week. We had a great time of worship with the choir and songs that Janice had selected. There was no special tonight but our Scripture was Luke 6:12 - 19. This describes Jesus praying all night and then calling His disciples and called them Apostles then describes as people and disciples gathered around Him through His power He healed them all. I then mentioned several places in the scriptures where it said Jesus used His power to touch and heal.  Is that not why we are here tonight to get a touch from Jesus. Jesus touch is that which will bring change to our lives. Through His power He can fix the things that we have messed up. There is nothing impossible with Him. I then faked surprise looking at the floor inbetween the altar and the front pew. I went over where I had left a vacuum cleaner and picked it up and attemped to get it to work. It wouldn't come on and wondered aloud what was wrong. A lady said it's not plugged in. So walking over to a plug in by the pulpit stating there was power.  If I plugged the device in it would work. That is the same with you and I. We have to have God's power to be effective but we must be plugged into Him to have such power. Are you plugged in?

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