December 2018   
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Whoa, big time winter weather here with a lot of ice. My gravel road was ice covered and the weight of the car on the rocks did not break them loose. Secondary blacktop and main highways "62" were covered. I passed a truck doing 18 while I was driving 26 to give you and idea of the conditions. However west of Malden on Hwy J it was evident that the ice was not as thick or bad in this area and turning onto MM it was just slick at the bridge.  Our parking lot  was in good enough shape we did not put any ice melt down. We that were there early all had lack of faith and supposed we would not have very many for service.  However we were wrong. We did not get up to average but we had a good crowd. Our Sunday School Class was average number and we had a good lesson. I was pleasantly surprised to see the good number arriving for worship. Luke 2:1 - 7 was our scripture and went with a commong phrase of "have a good Christmas."  We have all heard that several times but just what is it that makes for a good Christmas. Safe travels and good food is what we usually think of but what about the real meaning of Christmas. In verse 7 the last part of the verse said that there was no room for them in the inn. Do you have room for the real reason for Christmas in your life. I suppose the inn keeper thought he had more important people to house but he missed the opportunity for his greatest blessings. All the other important people would soon be gone but Jesus is the eternal King of Kings and he missed Him.  Don't let that happen to you. A good Christmas has time for true worship. Have you noticed in the Christmas story the shepherds and the wisemen and made a huge sacrifice to go find the Christ child and worship Him. A good Christmas has to do with giving. Not the giving we have allowed the secular world suck us into but giving as Jesus exampled and taught and as seen again by the wise men and shepherds. The wise men brought expensive gifts not for each other but to the Lord and His work. A good Christmas is for us to share the great Gospel message with others of our family about Christ and the gift of salvation that is from God to us. Make sure you have His gift to you!

Sunday Night the roads were fine. The sun had been shining and heard of no accidents with injuries in the area. Several Churches dismissed services because of the weather but were able to have evening/night services. Our attendance was down in percentage about like the morning service. We had good worship. Bro. Terry led the choir and done a great job. Galatians 4:4-5 was the scripture regarding when the fulness of time had come that God sent His Son. I'm sure you know the importance of good timing especially involving a special gift. In the O.T. Abraham sent his servent to find a bride for his son Isaac. The servant upon reaching the land prayed and asked that the young woman who came to the well and would give him drink and then offer to water his camels would be the right one. I don't know much about camels but that they can travel for long periods without drinking. Can you imagine that task of watering 10 camels. Sure enough here come a young woman and the servant ask for a drink. She gave him one and then said let me water your camels. What's the chance of that happening? That is God's timing. When young Joseph was beaten by his brothers and some wanted to kill him but a caravan came by and they sold him as a slave. Who spared his life with that timing? Joseph arrived in Egypt just at the right time. He intereputed Pharoahs dream at just the right time. Made 2nd highest in Egypt at just the right time. His brothers come to buy grain because of a famine. All God's timing. Consider David sent to check on his brothers in King Saul's army and hearing the giant blaspheme God. God's timing.  Queen Esther saving a nation by coming out and admiting she was a Jew all in God's timing. God is in control of everything in our lives as well.  Trust Him and serve Him because you are here for such a time as this.

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