March 2018  
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Wow, good services this third Sunday of March. Weather is normal for this time of year. Our Sunday School lesson was from II Chronicles 7 to do with the dedication of Solomon's Temple. It was thought provoking to think about the number of animals sacrificed during this dedication service. The King himself gave 22,000 oxen and 120,000 sheep. This was a two week festival but I beieve at that it would equal to over 8,000 animals sacrificed per day. That would take an army of priest plus all the extra things going on. But God was pleased with it all and made HIS appearance in unmistakeable ways. Phil led the choir today and done his usual good job. Our choir and musicians are just outstanding. Bro. Sonny brought special music and done a great job singing "I'm Not The Man I Used to Be".  Scripture text was John 12:31,32 where Jesus said if I be lifted up I will draw all men unto me. It is not the denomination nor the Church name that is to be lifted up. It is not special programs of any kind that re to be lifted up. It is the name of JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD that is to be lifted up. Don't water down the Lord Jesus.  If you water down gasoline it loses it's explosive power, if you water down medicine it won't aleviate suffering, if you just get all carbonated water in a drink you will pour it out. If you water down any product you keep it from performing it's purpose. The purpose of Christianity is to Save and Deliver. To do so we need the powerful JESUS who died on the cross for our sins and rose again on the 3rd day giving victory over death hell and the grave. Jesus is the King of Kings and Lord of Lord and He knocks at your hearts door will you let Him in today? 

Sunday Night was a good evening. The choir was again good and was able to give a good report about one of our men that had to leave the morning service because of illness. He went to the ER and got checked out and was back home before the start of the eveing service. Choir was awesome. Bro. Dawsey Brown sang and couple of songs and testified that was a blessing. Scripture text was Romans 8:24,25 about Hope. Hope is not really strengthened until encountered in a hopeless situation. Paul says we are to keep our Hope in the Lord and His Salvation. We grow impatient in our world today when we have a life circumstance that is hurtful and we want an instant solution. But sometimes life situations can't be solved in an instant. We are used to warming a cold cup of coffee in a microwave in 35 seconds great solution. Our hunger we go through a drive through and in 5 minutes or less we have a solution. But sometimes in life we have to have great patience. God is with us and will help us but sometimes solutions take years. Our job during that journey is not to give up hope but keep trusting and hoping in the Lord.

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