October 2017  
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Every day in the house of the Lord is a good day but we had our troubles.  Recieved about 5 calls after arriving at church from various of our faithful not being able to come for various reasons. Then it rained which never helps attendance. One of our deacons after arriving had his knee go out and fell. This was his bad knee that he had previous surgeries on. So got him in a car and his wife took him to St. Francis Hospital at Cape. With all that was going on I guess it really was not too bad of day. Our Sunday School had a great lesson on a follow-up after the 10 commandments were given to Moses. After Sunday School I love greeting and meeting folks and recieving prayer request from them. Even though the choir was not full it was great. Janice asked me to sing "I Cannot Find The Way Alone". As she said after the many prayer request it seemed appropriate. Scripture was Matthew 21:33-46 dealing with a parable that Jesus taught about a owner building a preparing his vineyard and then letting it out to tenant farmers. When harvest time came he sent a servant to recieve his share but the tenants killed him. He sent more and they done the same with two points to get from that. #1 is how wicked is the heart of man and #2 is how patient the owner was. He finally thought they had no respect for the servants but if He sent His son they would respect Him but they did not and killed him too. Jesus then asked the religious leaders what would the end of those evil tenants be? They gave the correct answer that they would die a miserable death. The scripture says Jesus then asked if they knew about the stone rejected. They did and they knew Jesus had aimed this parable at them. They wanted to kill him but could not because of the people who followed and loved Him. Friend if you reject the Lord He will be patient with you but there is a judgment day coming and we don't know when. Use today to prepare.

Sunday Evening our attendance was down again but our spirit was up. The choir was again not full but done a great job.. Bro. Dawsey brought special music singing "I'm Free".  Scripture was Matthew 23:13 and related verses that Jesus used in chastening the pharisees and saducees for failing to acknowledge Him and He said they shut up the doors to heaven. No sadder thought that shutting up the doores of heaven for our families, friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc. Those that Jesus said we are to love but yet it happens today just as it did in that day. In verse 14 it says one way it is done by the "Pretense" of prayer. They prayed not to get ahold of God but to influence man with their words and length of prayer. Jesus called the hypocrites. Verse after verse Jesus showed their faults and failures man of which is still around today. We must guard ourselves not to be caught in that same vein of life. Let us be genuine for the Lord and care about lost souls.

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