September 2018  
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The fall temps have reverted back to summer temps but God's people still came. In Sunday School we continued on the 6th day of creation where God created man in his image and likeness. So many people have such low self-esteem and they should just remember who they are like. That applies to people all over the world. Look up and be thankful that the God who created you is the same God that loves you today. Greeting folks today it appeared our number was down some and that was correct but the Spirit of the service made up for it. Janice and our musicians do such a great job week after week and today was no exception. JoAnn brought special music with a beautiful song I had not heard before  Scripture is Luke 19:1-10 of the account of Jesus traveling through Jericho and an encounter with Zachaeus. A background of just how hard life was for the Jew in Jesus day because they were under the Roman government. Tax collectors of the day were to collect an amount for Rome and send it and then whatever else they got they could keep and most if not all were rich. In fact the scripture says that Zachaeus was rich. Jesus had a great crowd around him. Zachaeus wanted to see him so he ran ahead and climbed a sychamore tree so he could see Jesus. What a shock it must have been when Jesus stopped under the tree looked up and called his name. Saying come down I must go to your house today. Those around Jesus could not believe their ears. Jesus is going to the house of this sinner. But look at vs 8 and the outcome. Zachaeus believed and said he would give 1/2 his goods to the poor and if cheated anyone would give 4 times the amount back. The Lord really made a change in him and He can make a change in you.

Sunday Night was a great evening considering the amount of death and sickness we have had in our church family. Received a text that Mary was back in the hospital at Cape. Three funerals in one week in a small country church is just really tough. Choir and music was on again tonight. Following the choir Terry was asked to sing. He always does an outstanding job and it touched hearts and blessed. Scripture was Matthew 6:19-24 where Jesus was talking about laying up treasure. You have a choice to lay it up with material posessions or lay it up in heaven. Lay it up in material posessions here on earth Jesus said that moth, rust, and thieves can break through and steal. however lay it up it heaven. Lay it up in heaven by giving to Godly causes and efforts. Many different ministeries. Jesus said where your treasure is there will your heart be also. We are all one day closer to dying. If my heart is on earthly treasure I'm getting further and further away from it as I age because you can't take it with you. However, if my treasure is in heaven I'm getting closer and closer to it as I age and soon I will be called home. Imagine who will meet us there. I use our Christmas boxes as an example. We don't know who gets them or where. There's a song entitled Thank You that talks about heaven and people saying thank you for what you gave and what you done. Imagine the blessings of heaven to hear thank you for the shoe boxes we sent. Where's your heart? You have the answer.

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